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This has been such a long time coming, but I can finally present to you: the Gucci Marmont belt. I might have been stalking this belt for at least four to five months before I even considered buying it. After seeing pretty much every outfit online with this belt, I decided I wanted to make the splurge.

So I went to the Gucci shop in Brussels, the only shop left in Belgium, R.I.P Gucci Antwerp! Once I entered the palace of Gucci, I noticed it was very (!) crowded, not Zara-on-a-Saturday-crowded, but it was getting there. I waited for half an hour after which a shop assistant told me all Gucci marmont belts were out of stock, only the very small versions were still available. (Now I know why there are secondhand designer websites that retail this baby for double its price.)

Anyway … I decided to look online and fortunately the belt was in stock and ready to be sent out within the next few days. So I placed my order Sunday and got my “your parcel is on its way” notification on Tuesday.


When you order the belt, as well as when you buy it in the shop, it comes with a beautiful Gucci box and wrapping. The belt itself is fitted nicely in a Gucci dustbag that is closed with black ribbon. The return label can be found inside the Gucci envelop. If you want to give this item as a gift (or any Gucci item for that matter), you can add a ‘gift note’ that will also be put in a beige Gucci envelop.


I have seen a lot of bloggers and vloggers struggle with the belt sizes. However, Gucci has measurement ‘tips’ online if you are not able to try a belt on in store. The belt has 5 holes, the middle of which is the ‘normal’ sizing. The length of the belt is measured from the buckle to the middle hole.


I noticed the belt being a bit too large for me, so I decided to exchange it in a smaller size. The parcel came with a return label from UPS and the next day it was shipped back. After a few days, I could track the parcel and it was back in Italy at the Gucci ‘head quarters’.A week passed and I still hadn’t heard anything from Gucci, so I sent them an email through custumer services.. Two weeks passed, still nothing. After three weeks, I contacted probably every number available and ended up calling a shop assistant at Gucci Brussels to ask for more information. After that,  I finally received a reply from Gucci online: I was about to get my belt within the week.

Another week later, no belt. I called Brussels again and they would contact Gucci online themselves. And with success: less than a week later, I could finally unpack my belt!

It’s in the details …

Okay, so at this point, I might have been a little bit annoyed with Gucci (i will never buy Gucci again-level). So when I noticed I received my belt without the Gucci Gift box .. I decided to mail customer service AGAIN.
Two days later I received an empty Gucci gift box. #missionaccomplished





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