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For me, this year has gone by so fast that I wanted to have a little ‘recap’ to look back on a year full of changes and new experiences.


2017 was definitely one of the most interesting years in my life when it comes to travelling. In February this year, I celebrated my 24th birthday in the beautiful city of Berlin with my boyfriend Glenn. We visited the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie and many more of Berlin’s landmarks.

Our next stop was one I wanted to visit for quite some time: Milan. At the end of May, when Glenn and I had a few days off we booked our flight and hotel for the Italian capital of fashion. On top of our must-see list: the Duomo di Milano. Luckily for us, we already bought our tickets for the Cathedral and several museums, because the queues were merciless. Although I loved Milan and its luxurious shops and beautiful buildings, I must say that I was rather impressed by how ‘small’ the city felt like to wander through.


I managed to get a week off from work and I longed for a good old beach vacation: hanging by the pool, the beach, wandering through the streets and just doing nothing. My boyfriend and I decided to go back to the city were we spent our first vacation, Salou. On the 5th day of our stay, The 17th of August, we took a tourist bus to visit Barcelona, just like we did two years back. Unfortunately, that evening around 5 pm, tragedy struck when a white van drove into pedestrians on La Rambla. Both of us witnessed the terrorist attack but were not harmed. Eventually we were able to get back on our bus that drove us to our hotel. The local newspaper from the province of Limburg where I live soon got word from the attack and contacted me for an interview about the event that happened earlier that day. The next day, I discovered my face in the newspaper.

To recover from the day before, we thought it would be a good idea to spend the next day at the beach. Unfortunately bad luck followed us and our bag got stolen, with a few personal items and my Iphone. Let’s just say: we were happy to go back home the next day.

This year I did not only go abroad, but I also was a tourist in my own country. During a long weekend, we hit the lovely city of Ghent. We visited the Design Museum and strolled around through the cosy streets of Ghent.
Winter came and I was still hungry for one more citytrip: Paris it was. Our schedule was very busy: the Louvre, the Eiffel tower, Musée de l’Armée, Centre Pompidou, Notre-Dame, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Montmartre, …
Although we had some rainy days, we much enjoyed our stay in this beautiful city that we would love to go back in the future.
As for 2018: I hope to see and discover more new places!


Another highlight in 2017: I graduated for the second time and got a bachelors degree in PR and Communications. After graduating in 2016 with my bachelor in Media and Eventmanagement, I still did not felt quite ‘done’ yet with school and I wanted to be able to do more in my life. So I decided to study and work hard for another year and managed to get an education of three years into one.


Some things don’t have to change. I am happy to say that my boyfriend and I celebrated our 2,5 years anniversary in November. For 2018, I can only wish for more memories like the ones we already made.


Finding a job went rather quick: I signed my first contract on Friday, received my degree on Saterday and had my first day on the job on Monday. This may have been one of the biggest changes this year: from being a careless student to an ‘adult’ with a fulltime job. And even though I never believed it when people told me so, I have to admit: life as a student is pretty good.


Last, but not least.

Starting a blog about fashion and lifestyle has been a ‘dream’ for several years. However, I never thought I would be able to actually start a successful blog, nor have the time or creativity to maintain one. This year I got completely sucked into the blogosphere, Instagram and started following inspiring YouTubers such as Queen of Jetlags, Lydia Elise Millen, … So my first New Year’s resolution will be: to start my very own blog!

Have a happy New Year!




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