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Throwback to last november when the lack of sun got me feeling in need of a small getaway. I wanted something to look forward to other than Christmas presents and good food. So instead of browsing through Asos or Zara, I searched the internet and found a good deal for the Thalys. Bingo! Paris it was. On Voyage Privé, I found a nice, small hotel close to Galleries Lafayette called ‘Hotel Eugene en Ville”. Small getaway? Check!

In the weekends before the trip we, me and le boyfriend, planned our three day trip to the romantic city. Of course I know, I’m not the first blogger to write about Paris, nor the ‘must-sees’ of the city, but here are some helpful tips when you plan your own trip.


Keep an eye on deals online! Whether it is Ryanair, Thalys, .. make sure you subscribe to various travel companies as they often offer great deals. Companies like Secret Escapes and Voyage Privé also offer great four (even five) star hotels with major discounts!

Thalys offers its travellers 250Mb of free wifi, spend it well!

Make sure to buy your subway ticket for your entire stay: you will need it. Or bring a good pair of trainers, you’ll need those too! Oh and if you are under the age of 25, you travel cheaper on weekends!


Champs Elysées: Dior
Most Insta-girls already know this, but a definite must-visit is the Dior boutique in the ‘Avenue Montaigne’, parallel to Champs Elysées. It is the ideal setting for the perfect Instagram picture, you’re welcome.

Palais Royal
Famous for it’s black and white poles (?) that make the perfect insta-photo.



Prêt A Manger
These ‘sandwich shops’, located on various locations in Paris. are perfect for a quick and affordable lunch. They serve organic and natural foods and at the end of the day, they gather their unsold sandwiches and salads, pack them and take it to local shelters, soup kitchens and food banks, feeding thousands of homeless and hungry people.

Hard Rock Cafe
Make sure to make a reservation somewhere the first evening of your trip. You probably don’t know the city that well and believe me: you’re going to be hungry! We made a reservation and were seated within fifteen minutes!

Fermier Gourmet
Great food, nice people and so affordable! We paid €26 for food and drinks for two, I mean … They have a very cute concept too! Their menu is a piece of paper where you can tick off what you want: BBQ or burgers, with chicken, beef, veggies, french fries, rice, you name it and you get it!


Musée de l’Armée
A museum that my boyfriend had put on the list, but I must admit, the museum was very interesting even if you are not in the army (like le boyfriend). Besides various ‘army’ equipment throughout the time and of different countries, the museum also had some interactive parts where famous battles were shown on flatlay screens with voiceovers.
Great thing about the Louvre: it is free! At least if you are under the age of 26 and a EU citizen: just show your ID at the ticket control.
Make sure to visit the Louvre first thing in the morning! We wanted to visit the museum the first day in the afternoon but when we saw the FIVE HOURS long queue and I almost fainted, so yeah I warned you, you’re welcome.

Centre Pompidou
If you don’t want to spend money for the museum, you can go to the top by escalator and enjoy an amazing view over Paris.


Have fun,


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