The perfect winged eyeliner that lasts all day

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The winged eyeliner is probably one of the most classic make-up looks throughout the years. Idols like Sophia Loren and Angelina Jolie are no strangers to this slick, classy look. I have been on this ‘trend’ since the age of thirteen, fourteen. When my friends in school were completely into Tokio Hotel posters, I got into make-up and mastered the winged eyeliner. Now, twelve years later, eyeliner has become a daily routine.

Over the years I have tried different brands and various products, from budget to a little bit more pricey. But lately I have my go to products and ‘tools’. A few tips to a better winged liner:

1. prime time

Before I even start applying eyeliner or eyeshadow, I put a thin layer of MAC‘s Soft Ochre Pro Longwear Paint Pot (what’s in a name, huh?). You can use this as a primer but it also has a skin tone color, to even out dark circles or lines under your eyes and on your eyelids. This small container holds only 5g of product, but a little goes a long way!

2. Steady hand

A steady hand is necessary when applying eyeliner, especially the liquid kind. After years of practice I have a solid steady hand but I still prefer doing my make-up at atable where I can rest my arm and a mirror.

3. Step by step

After applying the primer, I dip my small angled brush into the gel liner. As the gel is quite thick, just a bit will do.

Step 1: For a more natural look, I never start in my inner corner but halfway my lash line, where I draw a small line right until the outer corner of my eye.

Step : Don’t pull you eyelids, try to look down just a little bit when drawing the lower line of the wing.

Step 3: Make a triangle starting from the corner of your eye, straight to the end of the lower line of the wing you just drew.

Step 4 & 5 : Color the triangle and smooth out the differences between the wing and the rest of your eyeliner to make a smooth, gradual wing.

4. Choose wisely

There are só many options when it comes to eyeliner, each one with their own pro’s and cons.

Pencil – For me a no go when you want that sharp winged eyeliner. However a pencil is perfect when you like a more smudged look, with a smokey eye for example.

Liquid – Probably my most bought make-up item in my stash. I still use it today, but only to perfect the sharp edges.

Pen – Tried it once, never again. I bought a budget one and it dried up before I even left the store. Also the edges of the pen never seem to stay that sharp. Too bad because I did like the elegance of a pen ánd it takes up less space.

Gel – Now we’re talking! The first gel liner I bought, was the MAC Blacktrack Pro Longwear Fluidline. I liked it a lot in the beginning, but after a few weeks, the product completely dried up and in the trash that €20 went. It was only a few months ago, when I visited the MAC store again, wanting to make amends with the liquid eyeliner that I díd like for a while, that a saleswomen pointed out why my eyeliner dried up: “You have to close the container after taking some out or put it on it’s head, facing downwards”.  Just minutes later, I left the store with a new gel liner and a brush that she recommended, job well done.

Although I am satisfied with my MAC eyeliner, I like to switch it up every now and then. So nowadays I use the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink, which has not let me down yet.


5. Q-tips are your best friends

Even after years and years of practice, I still have ‘bad make-up days’ which can drive me crazy (I should be able to do this with my eyes closed by now, right?). Little errors are easily fixed with a q-tip, which is why I always take them with me when traveling.


Good luck,


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