GLOBAL LAUNCH: TML by Tomorrowland

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There’s a new fashion brand in town!

Last Saturday, Tomorrowland launched their fashion brand ‘TML by Tomorrowland‘. For those who have been living under a rock: Tomorrowland is an electronic dance music festival, originated in Boom, Belgium. Besides numerous international DJ’s, the festival is know for it’s magical decorations.

Tomorrowland already sold merchandise items on their website so what’s new? Well, with TML by Tomorrowland, the festival wants to establish Tomorrowland as more than just a festival, but as a lifestyle/fashion brand. The collection that is released will be one of many! As there will be a winter edition of Tomorrowland, a winter collection of TML by Tomorrowland will soon follow.

In Belgium, La Bottega is one of the selected stores to sell the collection. La Bottega started as a small shoe shop in Hasselt, but has over the years grown to a 2400m² fashion & styling concept store with more than 400 brands, many of which are Belgian based brand.

The Collection

The summer collection of TML by Tomorrowland is available for men and women. The collection mostly exists of T-shirts and tops with the Tomorrowland logo or name on which is quite a contradiction given the idea that Tomorrowland wants to establish this brand on its own and nót as an extension of their merchandising.

Other than tops the women collection also has a few must-have items that are completely festival ánd summer proof! The flower dress is definitely one of them. It opens in the front as a kimono to reveal a cute pair of shorts, attached to the top, in the same print.

But thé EYE CATCHER of TML by Tomorrowland is the green Amare cargo jacket with colorful embroidery. The bird on the back was inspired by Amare, the plain designed for Tomorrowland, to ‘unite the People of Tomorrow and connect souls from all over the world’. It symbolizes the exploring element of Tomorrowland.

Did you know… it takes around 8 hours(!) to embroider this bird(plane) on the jacket!

Matching Make up

You’re outfit is not finished until you’re make up is – Amen! For the launch at La Bottega, stylist & make up artist Palmira Proietti and her team created a few looks for the models – with mineral based products of Bella Pierre, yes!- which were summer ánd festival proof! I’ll admit, they might not be for everyone but I might give my typical winged eyeliner look a rest and go for a more colorful look in the summer.

For those of you who are with me: La Bottega sells packages, especially created for these looks!
In box 1. you’ll find a glittery shimmer and a colorstay to keep all the jazz on your eyes! In box 2. they added an extra kiss-proof lipstick and box 3. throws in a pair of false lashes to make your eyes pop even more. The last two boxes also come with a sparkly headband, perfect for those summer days.

P.S. You can also pick up some more Bella Pierre glitter while you’re at it 😉



In Belgium, you can shop the collection until the end of July in stores at La Bottega in Hasselt, Paardsdemerstraat 9 or online at You can also find the collection on the website of Tomorrowland here:

Let me know what you think of the collection!

One more thing…

La Bottega was lucky to get her hands on a very limited item of the collection and … it is not for sale. The green Amare cargo jacket does come in another color: PINK! Only 20 pieces were made of this pink beauty but (!) you might still be able to take one of these home! Keep an eye on the La Bottega Facebook and Instagram page because more info is coming soon …

Love, Karo

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