Cluse SS19 drop // La Tétragone

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Ah, January has come and gone, New Year’s resolutions have probably worn out and became a ‘next year, for sure’-kinda thing. And although some might still be clinging onto their Christmas tree: it’s February, time to let go of the jingle bells and Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is youuuu!”. Speaking about time, I am very happy to announce that I partnered up with a brand that I have been loving ánd wearing for years. They have completely changed my view on watches for women – they are not just practical, it’s a lifestyle –  Cluse and .. I got myself the perfect Valentine’s gift ;).

“A watch tells you so much more than just the time. It shows a glimpse of your personality. Elegant and sophisticated yet strong and straight-forward: that is what I want my watches to represent. What about you?”


Cluse Love Stories

Timing is everything! And at Cluse, they know a thing or two about timing.. The early SS19 drop includes three new styles of La Tétragone, my new personal favourite of the Cluse Collection. Its square case with round edges has a very vintage vibe to it, combining feminine and masculine with ease and confidence.

1. Cluse la Tétragone Rose Gold/Cerise  Lizard , €89,95
2. Cluse La Tétragone Rose Gold White/Soft Berry Alligator , €89,95
3. Cluse La Tétragone Mesch Full Rosegold , €99,95

Time to be mine…

Story time: My love for Cluse started a couple of years ago. I just started my internship but already noticed that my fellow internee had a great taste in fashion. She would wear the most elegant outfits and make it look so effortless. One statement piece she would always wear, was a watch so sophisticated, I thought it to be a bracelet. She got many compliments – including mine – and I was lovestruck: a couple of weeks later, I got my own Cluse and have been added to my collection ever since.

‘klu:z ?

Cluse is an Amsterdam based women’s watch and jewellery brand, in love with French style, and known for it’s striking and minimal watch designs.

Strong yet feminine.
Timeless yet fashion-forward.
Glamorous yet understated.

If like me, you like to change it up every now and then, you can mix & match different straps as they are very easliy interchangeable. You can go for a more elegant leather look, a fresh denim strap in summer, a sleek mesh-style strap, … the options are endless!

If you like the La Tétragone from Cluse, you should definitely check out the complete collection on 


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